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Find the Right Protective Gear for Your Camera Equipment

Find the Right Protective Gear for Your Camera Equipment

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Product Description

Camera gear protectors accomplish several goals. If you should accidentally drop or otherwise bump your camera or lens against a hard surface, depending on the particulars—including the degree and point of impact—camera protectors can minimize, if not prevent, serious damage or dents to your gear, and possibly spare you the time and expense of repairs. Depending on the product, many gear protective products offer varying degrees of added weather- and moisture proofing, which is important if you have a proclivity to photograph in inclement weather or damp, humid climates. In the case of smaller accessories, such as batteries, memory cards, and filters, protective wallets (hard and soft), protective pouches serve not only to protect these items, but they also serve as organizers.

Camera Protectors

There are a number of options for protecting cameras. This list includes full fitted cases, half cases, silicone skins, dedicated camera pouches, and wraps.

Fitted Cases

Traditional full-fitted cases, a.k.a. ever-ready cases, offer wraparound protection for your camera and lens. Available in a number of colors and styles, fitted cases are available from OEM and third-party providers and typically are manufactured from leather, leatherette, or neoprene foam.

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