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Show Us Your Shot: Behind the Magic of WEB

Show Us Your Shot: Behind the Magic of WEB

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In this segment of Show Us Your Shot, writer/director Leslie Rivera discusses how his short movie, WEB, a supernatural thriller about a father trying to keep his newborn daughter safe from a terrifyingly large spider, came to be and how he created the special effects for the movie on a low budget. Through a combination of masking, compositing, green screen, and stock footage (various shots of a tarantula in front of a green screen were purchased from multiple stock footage sites), Rivera was able to bring the creepy antagonist of the movie to life.

Rivera created WEB working as a one-man band filmmaker, which allowed him the flexibility to make the film while juggling his responsibilities as caregiver for his child and freelance editor. It was the perfect way for him to make WEB, to continue his passion as a writer/director and spend as much time as possible with his daughter.

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