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What You Need to Know About PTZ Camera Networking with NDI

What You Need to Know About PTZ Camera Networking with NDI

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More facilities are taking advantage of PTZ video camera setups than ever, and IP-based video networks are becoming easier to set up and manage, so it’s worth looking further into options to upgrade your networks to NDI capability, which can help cut down on equipment, cabling, personnel, and overall complexity of your video environment. But what is NDI and how can it help? Let’s look into a few details about why NDI networks can be an enhancement to your workflow.

To review, the PTZ in PTZ cameras stands for “Pan, Tilt, Zoom,” which represents their basic mechanical functions and is synonymous with the remotely controlled conference camera category. NDI stands for “Network Device Interface,” which represents a proprietary set of tools and protocols created by a broadcast manufacturer called NewTek, that facilitate the transmission of high-resolution video over a fast, low-latency network. Any company can utilize the NDI API (Application Program Interface) to create their own applications and interfaces to allow NDI-enabled devices to connect.

AIDA Imaging Full HD NDI Broadcast PTZ Camera

NDI is ideal for transporting high-resolution video with low latency, which means you don’t drop any frames or lose any quality in the transmission between devices. It’s designed to work over Gigabit Ethernet networks to allow up to 4K resolution video to transport with little to no latency, and it is very easily integrated with software control applications and Internet broadcasting, but its features are robust enough to be used in professional studio environments, as well. It is a great fit for use in small to mid-size environments that require equipment that is easy to control and scale, such as houses of worship, streaming video game competitions, corporate video conferencing, live events, medical, and education productions.

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