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A Mini Look at Ultra-Compact Point-and-Shoot Cameras

A Mini Look at Ultra-Compact Point-and-Shoot Cameras

B&H explora - All posts
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The supposed death of the point-and-shoot camera notwithstanding, there are many types of compact cameras available for the novice and pro, and many reasons to enjoy a point-and-shoot instead of the phone camera. At prices of less than $100 and lengths less than 4", there exists a group of stand-alone cameras that offers features most smartphones still do not—optical zoom lenses, image stabilization, and grips you can really grip. Of course, one photographer’s definition of compact is never the same as another’s, and almost every type of camera has been reduced in size over the years; even a quick search of the words “compact camera” on the B&H website will produce several distinct models, including the Canon Powershot G7 X Mark II, the Sony RX0 Ultra-Compact Waterproof Camera, and the full-frame Sigma fp Mirrorless Digital Camera. Great cameras all, but not the type of affordable, ultra-compact that have been increasingly popular with those mostly younger users who want a mini, easy-to-use alternative to their smartphone camera.

Canon IVY REC Digital Camera

The first model that comes to mind when considering this subset of the point-and-shoot camera is the Canon IVY REC Digital Camera, available in three colors: Riptide, Dragonfruit, and Avocado. If the color names don’t make it clear that these cameras are designed for fun and convenience, then a quick look at their form factor should. The primary physical feature is a carabiner designed to hook the camera to a belt loop or backpack. The camera can be hooked to almost anything to facilitate remote photography and the open space created by the carabiner is a natural viewfinder. The IVY REC measures just over 4" long and less than 1" deep and can also be easily carried in a pocket.

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