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B&H Creator of the Week: Sidney Baker-Green

B&H Creator of the Week: Sidney Baker-Green

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Sidney Baker-Green was still in high school when he first embarked on his creative journey as a wedding photographer and content creator, which now spans still photography and filmmaking. Over the past seven years, he has shared a wide variety of image-making adventures, gear reviews, business advice, and tech tips with a growing audience on social media, leading us to invite him to collaborate as a B&H Creator of the Week.

By means of introduction, we recently asked Baker-Green to respond to a few questions about his work. Keep your eyes on B&H’s social media channels in the days to come for even more of his tips and tricks. And while you’re at it, consider his advice to “Keep climbing, stay inspired, and stay fabulous!”

Where are you based? Grand Rapids, Michigan

Most important social feeds/networks: YouTube, Instagram, Facebook

Jill Waterman: How long have you been making pictures and creating content, and what type of subject matter did you focus on when first starting out?

Sidney Baker-Green: I’m currently 23 years old. I started editing videos when I was 8 years old, playing a video game called flight simulator. A primary focus in my life has been and continues to be aviation, and until I was old enough to fly, I filled that void in life by editing flight simulator video clips. At age 16, during my senior year of high school, I discovered a wedding photographer named Jasmine Star. I was actually looking for a senior portrait photographer when I stumbled upon her website, and I fell in love with wedding photos. I started both my YouTube channel and my wedding photography business in my senior year.

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