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CFexpress, the Next Serious Media Format

CFexpress, the Next Serious Media Format

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Before you come storming the front doors of the B&H SuperStore with your torches and pitchforks, complaining about yet another new type of media you have to purchase, I should tell you that the latest format is a definite upgrade. This is no simple battle between two competing formats; this is an evolution that will make things better for everyone involved. What is this up-and-coming hero? CFexpress.

Why Do We Need CFexpress?

The reason is simply that CFexpress offers vastly superior speeds over current-generation media, such as XQD or SD. It also has room to improve and multiple formats for use in different types of equipment. We have even already moved on from CFexpress 1.0 to 2.0, unlocking different sizes and increased speeds.

The CompactFlash Association has a very clear goal with this format: to start unifying standards. CFexpress uses the PCIe 3.0 interface and can offer 1 to 4 lanes of 1 GB/s transfer. It will also work with NVMe for faster performance. Based on these numbers, you can have a card that transfers data at a rate of 4 GB/s. That is amazing. XQD can only reach target speeds of up to 0.5 GB/s. In the future, CFexpress could adopt PCIe 4.0 specifications and, hopefully, remain backward compatible with the same format.

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