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FAQ: Sony a7S III

FAQ: Sony a7S III

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It's new, feature-rich, and loaded with tons of unheard-of settings...it's the Sony a7S III! We gathered some of the most frequently asked questions about this camera, threw in some of our own thoughts about what might be asked, and then put together this guide to the camera. Let's get to it!



What resolution and sensor does the a7S III use?
It uses a newly developed 12.1MP full-frame CMOS sensor. It now uses an Exmor R back-illuminated that promises faster readout and improved low-light performance.

Why is the resolution so low?
The use of a lower resolution sensor offers many benefits: large photosites (pixels) deliver dramatically improved low-light performance; lower resolution means less data for faster performance in all modes; and 12MP, specifically, supports 4K video with a 1:1 pixel readout for eliminating artifacts such as moiré.

What does "back-illuminated" mean in terms of sensor design?
In literal terms, it means the wiring is moved below the light-receptive layer, allowing light to directly hit the receptive layer. Practically, this is more efficient for capturing light, so there will be less noise and better image quality.

What is HEIF?

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