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Practical Setup Examples to Build Your PTZ Camera Network

Practical Setup Examples to Build Your PTZ Camera Network

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If you’ve got your mind set on building your PTZ network but you’re not sure what that will—or should—look like, we’ve got a few diagram examples of how different components work together on a PTZ network. Starting with a single-camera setup, then working forward with multi-camera, then adding components such as encoders, video switches, controllers, and software, we’ll walk through a few basic configurations to help take the complexity out of your setup.

Single PTZ Camera to IP Network

The single-camera setup is the simplest to start building your PTZ network. This example shows a PTZ camera with HDMI, SDI, and RJ45 outputs. The HDMI is used to monitor your video, while the SDI sends the video simultaneously to a converter/audio injector to the Internet from a digital audio mixer, so that both video and audio streams are joined into a single stream.

The camera can also send video to the Internet directly as a backup stream or for recording with a computer. The PTZ camera can be controlled using an IR remote to configure its start/stop streaming, as well as its pan, tilt, and zoom operation.

Example components in this setup:

  • PTZ Camera with SDI, HDMI, and RJ45 LAN output with IR remote, such as the Sony SRG-X120
  • Monitor with HDMI input
  • Audio Mixer with RCA stereo outputs
  • SDI to RJ45/NDI Video Converter with Analog Audio Input such as Magewell’s Pro Convert

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