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Sound Masking for Your Home Office

Sound Masking for Your Home Office

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COVID-19 has made work from home and school from home the norm in many places across the country. Some love it, and some hate it, but I think everyone can agree on one thing—trying to do your work with the kids home is sort of like trying to work in the middle of a dangerous construction site in which you are also required to serve beverages and other refreshments to a horde of very demanding, supposedly starving, jarringly loud construction workers on a tri-hourly basis. This kind of cacophonous nightmare can do a lot more damage than simply interrupting Zoom calls or making it impossible to read emails. It can blast your most brilliant epiphanies into an oblivion of nothingness, never to return. Even worse, if you’re in a field where you’re regularly discussing sensitive information with associates and clients, such as in the legal or mental health professions, having anyone within earshot can compromise the confidentiality of your calls, potentially putting your business at risk.

How do we stop this madness? One thing that people try is playing white noise through their phone or Bluetooth speaker while they work. The problem is, for many people, the sound of the white noise is more irritating than the screams from the angry mob of ingrates downstairs. Oh sorry, I mean the kids. Anyway, if the white noise just isn’t cutting it for you, and you’re at your wits’ end, there may be a more elegant solution that, unless you’re in the field of commercial audio, you’ve probably never heard of.

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