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The a7S III Compared

The a7S III Compared

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Long awaited is one of the best descriptors for the just-announced Sony a7S III. I've been waiting. You've been waiting. We've all been waiting. In the years since its predecessor was released, we've seen an unprecedented number of new video-capable cameras from every major camera manufacturer. That means there are a lot of very competitive options in the mirrorless and DSLR world when it comes to high-end video. We are going to take a closer look at some of these and how they compare to the new a7S III.

Sony Alpha a7S III Mirrorless Digital Camera

Setting the parameters for this test, we need to point out a lot is based purely on written specs. If you saw our Canon R5 Comparison, you might be familiar with this already. It's still early days for a few of these cameras, and with limited time and experience it's extremely difficult to put a definitive answer to the question of "Which camera is better?" Keep in mind this guide is meant to be helpful in pointing out where cameras differ and in what situations one option might excel over the other. Camera decisions tend to be very personal decisions as well. Just because one camera "wins," that doesn't mean it's going to be the best camera for you.

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