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Which Instant Camera Is Right for You?

Which Instant Camera Is Right for You?

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Like vinyl records and your father’s wardrobe, instant cameras are back and as popular as ever. Alongside refurbished and reimagined analog cameras, many new hybrid models combine the benefits of digital capture with the immediacy of instant film. Polaroid and FUJIFILM continue to produce “true” instant film stock—the kind you expose and then wait to see develop. They share the market with a new thermal printing technology, ZINK, short for “Zero Ink,” a borderless printing process that has risen in popularity, particularly with hybrid cameras and mobile printers. Today, the instant photography world offers something for nearly everyone: fully automatic or fully manual, one-of-a-kind prints or onboard image editing, pocketable or collectible. Follow this guide to find out which instant camera is best for you.


It is hard to imagine what instant photography would look like today without FUJIFILM’s INSTAX line of film and cameras. When reliable film stock was scarce leading into the 2000s, FUJIFILM stepped up to the plate, introducing a new generation of photographers to the joys of instant photography. The simplest way to break down FUJIFILM’s INSTAX cameras is by the film that they use: Mini (1.8 x 2.4"), SQUARE (2.4 x 2.4"), and Wide (2.4 x 3.9").

INSTAX Mini film is a portrait-oriented stock with borders ranging from simple white or black to pastel stripes and “confetti” to holiday themes and collaborations with movie studios. As with all INSTAX film, you can write on the borders of your prints, and many also have adhesive backs so you can stick your photos virtually anywhere.

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