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3 Pro Monitoring Headphones That Are Great for Listening to Music

3 Pro Monitoring Headphones That Are Great for Listening to Music

B&H explora - All posts
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Most of us spend a ton of time at our desks working, and if you’re a music lover, as I am, there’s a good chance you rely on your favorite tunes to help you make it through the workday. As someone who works in pro audio, comfortable, isolating, great-sounding headphones that don’t tire my ears are essential to the work I do. But, even when I’m not editing a podcast or mixing a song, I still usually have my headphones on because I’m listening to music while writing articles or emails. So, in my years as an audio engineer, as well as a writer, I’ve learned that the studio headphones I use for my audio work are also great headphones for listening to music or talk, as well, especially during extended listening sessions. In fact, I prefer them to many high-end consumer and HiFi headphones if I’m sitting at my desk all day.

Here’s my reasoning. In general, professional studio monitor headphones have a comparatively flat frequency response versus consumer audio headphones. Manufacturers design studio headphones in this way, because ideally, when you’re recording or mixing voice and instruments, you want the frequency response of your speakers to be as neutral as possible, so as to preserve the program material’s true sound as best as possible. A secondary benefit to a “flat” frequency response is that it’s less tiring on your ears to listen to relatively balanced program material for extended periods than it is to listen to audio that has had its bass and treble boosted significantly, which is exactly what many consumer audio headphones tend to do.

Another reason I love studio headphones is that you can get a great-sounding pair for minimal money when you compare them to some of the higher-end consumer headphones, as counterintuitive as that may seem. So, if you’re the kind of person who listens to music, radio, podcasts, or anything else at your desk all day, and you’re in the market for headphones, take a look at these professional studio headphones that are great for everyone.

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