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Back to School: What You Want versus What You Need

Back to School: What You Want versus What You Need

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Back to School: What You Want vs What You Need

As a student, much of your life is about making choices and sacrifices. “Should I skip this class and sleep in?” or “Should I go to class even though I’m too tired to pay attention?” There are a lot of hard decisions to make as a student, especially if you’re a burgeoning photographer looking to attain professional status. But, as a student, means are often limited and you need to be more conscious about what gear to add to your kit. What gear is critical and worth the investment versus what are some of the things you can ignore for now and splurge on later? It really whittles down to what you need versus what you want.


I’ll get the hard one out of the way first with a cautionary adage: cameras are for now but lenses are forever. What this means, in short, is that if you have a limited budget when looking to build a complete system, don’t blow it all on the camera! Invest in lenses and buy the best camera you can with the money you have left. The reason for this is that cameras evolve much more frequently than lenses; the top-of-the-line camera right now will be rather outdated in a handful of years, but a top-of-the-line lens will hold its value and could potentially be a tool for a lifetime.

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