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Best Cameras for the Beach

Best Cameras for the Beach

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Ahhhhhhhh, the hot summer sun, cool waves along the shore, sand between your toes—what’s not to love about the beach? If you are a camera, all of the above. Extreme heat, corrosive saltwater, and tiny particles can destroy a vulnerable camera faster than you can slather on sunscreen. Luckily, with a little preparation, you can safely take photographs at the beach while minimizing risk to your gear. Read on to learn how.

Tough Cameras

If you plan on making a habit of bringing a camera to the beach, your best bet is to invest in a “tough” camera built to handle extreme conditions. Forget about “splash-proof”; these cameras are designed for clumsy photographers who frequently drop their gear into water, dirt, sand—you name it. Most can even survive dips into saltwater, as long as you rinse them off with fresh water after. Tough cameras are tested and rated to specifications set out by the Ingress Protection (IP) Code or Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS).

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