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How to Mail a Photo Print

How to Mail a Photo Print

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Despite most picture-sharing now taking place in the digital realm, nothing compares to seeing a printed photograph in person. And even though your mother or your friends might love to receive your photographs via text or check up on your work on social media or your website, what could be more thrilling than receiving a finished print of one of your images? Many photographers still believe in the photo print as being the final form of their imagery, the sum of all of their efforts. When viewed in person, the color, brightness, and contrast of your image stand as the truest representation of how you depicted a scene. With all of this weight and value placed on a print, it’s worth taking the actual process of sharing this print seriously, too. In the case of this article, I focus on how to mail a print.

As simple as the process of mailing a print can be, it can also be complicated, depending on a number of variables, including size, quantity, type, and so on. Regardless of the details, the goal is the same: to get it to its destination safely and without damage. There are many unique situations for mailing a print, so a bit of creativity on your part will be necessary. Let’s take a look at a few of the more common scenarios.

Mailing a Single Modest-Size Print

By modest size, I mean anything from about 5 x 7" up to 11 x 14" or so. Anything larger than these sizes and you’ll want to look below for more specialized tips, and anything smaller, well, these tips can be used but they’ll be a bit overkill.

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