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5 Battery-Powered Amplifier Solutions for Busking Musicians

5 Battery-Powered Amplifier Solutions for Busking Musicians

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If you are a musician who has been missing gigs in local venues that have closed their doors because of the current pandemic, you might consider taking it to the street—busking in public spaces with a battery-powered guitar amplifier that will provide hours of dependable play time and can handle the kind of punishment the street can dish out. Many well-established musicians who enjoy household recognition have been livestreaming shows and “kitchen” concerts on their websites, YouTube, and other Internet platforms, but what if you don’t have that sort of following yet? Bringing your words and music to your town’s currently culture-starved citizens could be just the ticket, not only for expanding your songwriting and performing parameters, but also for increasing your fan base.

In the old days, when ambient noise registered fewer decibels in public (and before portable PA systems and amplifiers), street musicians could be heard when they played acoustically, within a certain radius. Today, contemporary musicians have the ability to widen that radius with the addition to their act of a portable, battery-powered amplifier that offers inputs for guitars, keyboards, and microphones.

Grand Old Tradition

Even though the term “busking” used to describe street performance wasn’t coined until the 1860s, in Great Britain, the tradition dates back to at least the 11th Century, in Russia, according to Wikipedia, so take this factoid with a grain of salt. It is the grand old tradition of performing for gratuities. Some buskers provide a box into which listeners can drop donations during a performance, others will pass a hat around after a performance.

“… Busking is a very humble and brave act that takes courage to do well. It's also about the energy of music being alive outside in a city...” —from an interview with Ketch Secor, by Jedd Ferris (25 September 2008); Catching Up With...Old Crow Medicine Show

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