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Hands-On Review: Motorola Edge

Hands-On Review: Motorola Edge

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Product Description

Earlier this year, Motorola announced its return to the flagship smartphone market with the all-new Edge series. Headlining the new series was the Motorola Edge+, a carrier-exclusive handset that can stand toe-to-toe with the best phones on the market, including its cost. Now, we have the Motorola Edge, a carrier-unlocked phone with slightly reduced specs at nearly half the price. Here’s my review.

Design & Hardware

Despite it not being the “plus” version of the series, the Motorola Edge is the same size as the Edge+. That includes the Edge’s 6.7" “Endless Edge” OLED display, an objectively gorgeous screen with a 2340 x 1980 screen res, 90Hz refresh rate, and HDR10+ support.

The display is definitely the Edge’s most conspicuous feature. It curves around the sides (edges) at an almost 90-degree angle, creating an aesthetic that is nothing if not eye-catching. I’ll talk about how well the curved display works later on, but as far as cosmetics go, it looks great, as does content.

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