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How to Create a Time-Lapse of the Northern Lights

How to Create a Time-Lapse of the Northern Lights

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Being a photographer and a filmmaker, I've gravitated heavily toward the art form of time-lapse photography. It's the perfect blend of photography and videography, the best of both worlds. Because I mix this art form up with my undying love for capturing the night sky, I’m incredibly passionate about this process and sharing it with others.

Time-lapse photography is capturing consecutive photographs over a long period of time and then playing them back quickly in a series so that slow action appears to happen faster. Examples include clouds moving through the sky or the Northern Lights dancing above.

Despite my years innovating and learning new ways to execute new time-lapse ideas, I still find myself going back to the basics. The update from Sony that added an in-camera interval shooting function lets me do just that. Although it’s a stationary time-lapse, some creative thinking in post process allows me to work wonders with just one image sequence.

Before I jump into my simple approach to time-lapsing the Northern Lights, let me mention the gear that I currently use. Since the day it was released, my camera body of choice has been the Sony a7R III for two specific reasons. First, its 42MP resolution allows me to export an 8K time-lapse sequence if needed. Since I do take my images to the printer, it allows me to print in large format scale with confidence. The second reason is its ability to shoot fairly good video in low-light situations, which I quite often do under the natural light of a full moon.

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