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Maschine+ Now Available at B&H

Maschine+ Now Available at B&H

B&H explora - All posts
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Native Instruments already has a popular line of MIDI controllers with Maschine and all its variants. How could they ever top these units? By making a stand-alone Maschine—one that requires no computer, no external software, and, in doing so, competes directly against a certain infamous production machine that rhymes with “MVP.”

Feast your eyes on the Maschine+, now available at B&H.

Native Instruments MASCHINE+ Standalone Groove Production Studio
Native Instruments MASCHINE+

With its playable pads, heavy-duty rotary encoders, and dual screens, the Maschine+ constitutes a truly immersive, all-in-one production studio for all your composition and sound design needs. Record audio, mangle it to within an inch of its life, and dress it up with MIDI-triggered grooves and melodies, triggered however you want.

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