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Native Instruments KOMPLETE 13 Has Arrived

Native Instruments KOMPLETE 13 Has Arrived

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People who love to mangle sound with software—and sample instruments with profound realism—we bring you joy: Native Instruments KOMPLETE 13 is now available at B&H, in your choice of Select, Standard, Ultimate, and Ultimate Collector’s Edition. As always, this next-gen version of KOMPLETE brings entirely new instruments, sounds, and effects into the fold—between 4 and 43 of them, depending on the edition you choose. All told, between 10,000 and 115,000 sounds are at your fingertips, as are production tools and effects for every genre under the sun—and a few under the moon, as well.

KOMPLETE Select is your basic option, offering 16 instruments and effects, including HYBRID KEYS and RAUM. The next tier, simply named KOMPLETE 13, gives you Guitar Rig 6 Pro, which provides new amps, new cabs, and a host of new effects. You’ll also find new instruments as well in the form of NOIRE—a concert grand piano sampled in Berlin—and SUPER 8, an evocative poly-synth.

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