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Remote Learning, Part 1: Photojournalism and Fine Art Photography

Remote Learning, Part 1: Photojournalism and Fine Art Photography

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Photo education has undergone significant changes since the story Photography Student? Here Is Some Advice from Teachers was published last year at this time—changes that are no less dramatic than the process of teaching and learning as a whole. With the sudden shift from face-to-face classes to remote learning, in March 2020, teachers and students scrambled to face unique challenges and solve unforeseen problems. Since a new school year is now upon us, we asked a diverse group of educators for updated tips, as well as insights about the online teaching/learning process.

Part 1 of this story, featured below, includes advice from educators in the disciplines of photojournalism and fine art photography. For tips about teaching and learning related to commercial photography and studio lighting demonstrations, check out Remote Learning, Part 2: Commercial Photography and Studio Lighting.

As several of our respondents mentioned, photography as a discipline is all about problem solving, which—at least in theory—should offer students valuable experience for surviving in the world outside the classroom. But perhaps the most resonant insight we received is from Montana State University’s Christina Z. Anderson. “It is not best practice to wish away 2020,” she says. “In a few years time, there will be things we learned this year that will be embedded into our permanent culture in a good way.”

Above photograph © Kai Nguyen

Kai Nguyen, Syracuse University

After returning to her native Vietnam from the United States in March, Nguyen spent two weeks in a coronavirus quarantine center. Read her account of this experience on NPR’s The Picture Show.

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