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Top 5 Headphones for Mixing and Mastering

Top 5 Headphones for Mixing and Mastering

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Mixing in headphones is a somewhat controversial topic in the pro audio world. Some producers and engineers mix primarily in headphones (often out of necessity) and others denounce the practice as entirely useless, preferring to work only on studio monitors. But I think that everyone can agree that a sound mix, whether it’s a song, podcast, video, or other, needs to sound good on headphones and on larger speakers. For me, and many other engineers, that balance is often found by alternating between monitor speakers and headphones while mixing, making adjustments as I see fit on each format, to find a happy medium that sounds good on both.

Accuracy Over Enhancement

Headphones that you intend to use for mixing require different prerequisites altogether than if you’re primarily going to be listening to music. For music listening, consumers generally look for headphones that reproduce the audio in a way that sounds best to them, according to their own personal tastes. Some people love their thunderous drums and bass and tend to choose headphones that sport an “enhanced” low-frequency response. Others’ faces light up when they hear the vocals with super-crisp definition, and they gravitate to headphones that have a very bright high-end response. When shopping for professional headphones to use for mixing, on the other hand, we’re looking for sonic accuracy, rather than “enhancement.”

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