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5 USB Microphones for High-Quality Conferencing at Home

5 USB Microphones for High-Quality Conferencing at Home

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The year 2020 intensely changed the landscape for office employees, sending masses of people home to handle conferencing, collaboration, meetings, interviews, and even high-profile presentations from their personal spaces, be they makeshift offices in miniscule apartments or dedicated rooms in sprawling vacation homes. To make a great impression and command attention in such situations, your voice should sound as clear, present, and intelligible as it would in person; for that you need a high-quality microphone that won’t bog you down with a complicated configuration. Thanks to these clever and flexible USB mics from AKG, RØDE, Samson, Shure, and THRONMAX, you can easily attain superb voice quality when working from home.

Big Condenser Sound on a Small Budget

First up is the THRONMAX Pulse M8, an ultra-affordable and compact USB condenser microphone with two selectable pickup modes—cardioid for standard front-facing directionality and the impressive (and uncommon) noise-canceling mode, which employs active noise cancellation to provide maximum reduction of background noise.

THRONMAX Pulse M8 USB Microphone

Unlike most mics at this price point, the Pulse M8 can operate at up to 24-bit/96 kHz digital resolution, and it features adjustable volume, mute, and zero-latency headphone monitoring. Not only can your voice be clear, but you’ll be able to hear it without any annoying echo. If cost, size, and background noise (think keyboard clacking or construction down the street) are your biggest concerns, the Pulse M8 may be the ideal mic for you.

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