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Autel Launches EVO II Drone

Autel Launches EVO II Drone

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Two years ago, Autel launched its EVO drone, a consumer UAV that was heralded as a potential “Mavic killer” and legitimate challenger to the DJI throne. In 2020, Autel has returned with the EVO II, its most powerful and ambitious drone to date, and without a doubt one of the most impressive flyers of the year.

When Autel launched the EVO in 2018, it was immediately seen as a direct challenger to the DJI Mavic. It had a similar (but noticeably more orange) design, comparable specs, and it cost less. Similarly, the EVO's successor, the EVO II, appears to be aimed squarely at DJI’s Mavic 2 series. The big difference this time around is that where the first EVO attempted to match or emulate many of the original Mavic’s features, the EVO II seems gung-ho on blowing the Mavic 2 out of the sky.

Look at battery life, for example. The EVO II features a 40-minute flight time, which means it has the longest reported battery life of any foldable drone on the market (including the Mavic). Autel claims the EVO II has a top speed of 45mph and a maximum transmission range of 9 km, which, if accurate, means you can fly the EVO II faster and farther than even the Mavic 2 Pro.

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