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B&H Creator of the Week: Food Photographer Joanie Simon

B&H Creator of the Week: Food Photographer Joanie Simon

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Instead of an apron, food photographer Joanie Simon wears many hats—commercial and editorial imagemaker, recipe developer, photo educator, Blogger, YouTube Influencer, Livestreamer, and content creator extraordinaire. Over the past ten years, Simon has built her brand into a powerhouse of creative content and learning, leading us to invite her to appear as our next B&H Creator of the Week.

By means of introduction, we recently asked Simon to respond to a few questions about her food pictures, her educational offerings, and her business efforts. In the days to come, keep your eyes on B&H’s social media channels for even more of her mouthwatering content. And, while looking, we invite you to consider her advice about mixing strong communication skills with your creative talents as a great recipe for success.

Where are you based? Phoenix, AZ

Most important social feeds/networks: YouTube, Instagram

Photographs © Joanie Simon

Jill Waterman: How long have you been making pictures, and what was your primary focus when you first picked up photography?

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