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Bose® GrandPrix Next-Generation L1™ Line Array System

Bose® GrandPrix Next-Generation L1™ Line Array System

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Mobile DJs, singers, performing musicians, and bands running their own PA systems need high-quality sound reinforcement that can reach their audiences without sacrificing portability or simplicity. So, if you want that and you're hoping to avoid lugging around a vanload of speakers, stands, and cables, you should strongly consider the Bose® GrandPrix family, which offers three L1 Pro™ line array systems and two modular subwoofers to satisfy the demands of various live performance environments.

When maximum portability is the priority, the L1 Pro8™ is the best bet. It sports a C-shaped line array with eight articulated 2" neodymium drivers and an integrated 7 x 13" RaceTrack subwoofer, making it perfect for minimizing setup time in small venues such as your local coffee house. For medium-size clubs and dining establishments, the L1 Pro16™ ups the output and bass performance by utilizing a 16-driver J-shaped line array and an integrated 10 x 18" RaceTrack subwoofer, but don't worry, it's still highly portable. If you're hoping to tackle weddings, large clubs, and spacious outdoor events, look to the L1 Pro32™. With 32 drivers in a straight line array and two different available subwoofers—the Sub1™ (480W, 7 x 13" subwoofer) and the Sub2™ (1000W, 10 x 18" subwoofer), the L1 Pro32™ goes lower, gets louder, and covers more ground.

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