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New Cine Camera Roundup

New Cine Camera Roundup

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Looking to upgrade your video capture as we bid adieu to 2020? Here’s our roundup of the top cine-style cameras introduced during 2020, perfect for creating narrative video content like an indie feature, crafting a documentary, or producing a film-look industrial piece. Each of these cine-style machines has its own feature touches, so read on to see which best suits your capture needs.

What exactly makes a camera “cine-style”? Simply put, these cameras maintain the modular configuration and high resolution of the film cameras successfully used in cinema production for decades. Cine-style features include a lens mount that accommodates interchangeable lenses, a robust sensor with a wide dynamic range, the ability to mount a variety of add-on components such as a follow focus and matte box, pro level connectors for outputting video for viewing and/or recording, removable recording media, and perhaps an integrated filter wheel.

These new cine-style camera choices range from compact, box-style cameras and a mirrorless-style entry to a more full-fledged 12K workhorse. Several offer interchangeable lens mounts for true lens versatility, and (unlike most of us after months of work-from-home grazing) a couple of these new cameras feature a pared-down, lightweight form. While not all the big players released new cameras this past year, there are offerings from industry biggies like Blackmagic Design, Canon, Panasonic, Sony, RED DIGITAL CINEMA, and Z CAM.

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