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Wireless Noise-Canceling Earbuds Buying Guide

Wireless Noise-Canceling Earbuds Buying Guide

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If you’re familiar with the wired noise-canceling earbud designs that began popping up on the market several years ago, you’re sure to recall the fairly large, in-line boxes that hung on the cabling of most models. This rather cumbersome design characteristic was necessary to house the batteries and circuitry behind the active noise canceling. But lately, we have seen manufacturers begin to pack noise-canceling functionality into much smaller, and more streamlined profiles. This is an impressive feat, especially when you consider the incredible technology that is required to achieve active noise-canceling functionality.

Noise-canceling technology works by using tiny microphones that “listen” for ambient noise that makes its way past your headphones’ physical isolation and into your personal listening space. The noise picked up by the microphones is fed into powered electronics that produce a signal equal in volume to the original, but with an inverted phase to cancel out the unwanted noise. This effectively allows you to hear your audio in noisy environments without having to raise the volume, such as when you’re traveling in the subway or on an airplane.

While, of course, noise-canceling earbuds are great for enjoying audio like music or podcasts, they are also great for simply blocking out background sound for activities that require deep concentration, like work or study, or even for just taking a nap.

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