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6 Keyboards for Aspiring Players

6 Keyboards for Aspiring Players

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So, you want to try your hand at playing the piano? Maybe you’re spending every waking and unconscious moment indoors (thanks, 2020) and you need a new hobby, perhaps you find yourself drawn to writing and performing your own songs, or it could be that you know a little one who has expressed interest in becoming the next Mozart and could use a strong start. Whichever the case, an aspiring player won’t get far without a keyboard of their own. So, whether it’s a small and portable keyboard that would be best or only a full-size model that feels like a real piano will do, reputable brands such as Yamaha, Korg, Alesis, and Casio have plenty of options to please the eager player.

You Can Take It with You

There’s nothing wrong with being small, especially when it comes to keyboards that travel well. Perfect for “why are these walls so close to me” apartments, tight budgets, and modern-day minstrels, these compact and portable keyboards can help you out.

The extremely affordable Yamaha Remie (aka PSS-E30) packs 37 mini-size keys, educational features, an array of sounds and rhythms, a speaker, and a headphone output into a lightweight frame that can be powered by four AA batteries or via USB. With 46 voices ranging from piano to guitar, a drum kit, and 74 sound effects, the Remie can keep novices interested through its sounds alone. Plus, it has 28 preset accompaniment styles, a metronome function, and 30 preset songs that coincide with the included digital songbook, great for practicing rudiments and getting familiar with famous tunes. Further learning is provided through the built-in quiz mode, which lets you guess sound effects and instrument intervals to sharpen your musical senses.

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