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A Gift Guide for Street Photographers

A Gift Guide for Street Photographers

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What do street photographers really need? Give them a streak of sunlight across a bustling intersection, reflections in a store window, contrasting characters walking toward them, and a stealth camera to capture it all, and they’re happy. I can’t think of too many purchasable items that would make or break a street photographer’s ability to create, but there are always certain things to make your workflow smoother, your load lighter, and your photos a little better. Below are a few.

As I mentioned, a stealth camera—lightweight, small-profile, fast autofocus, fixed focal distance—is usually important for the street photographer, so if you’re going to give someone a camera, I suggest the FUJIFILM X100F Digital Camera. While part of its appeal is its manageable size and fixed 23mm f/2 lens (35mm equivalent), it also offers a hybrid optical and electronic viewfinder, 91-point autofocus sensor with 49 Phase-Detect points, ISO to 51200, and 8 frames per second of continuous shooting.

FUJIFILM X100F Digital Camera

A little item that can help keep your X100F stable and improve comfort is the Match Technical EP-2F Thumbs Up Grip. It is a simple device that slides into the camera’s hot shoe and provides an ergonomic place to rest your thumb. It certainly can help keep your camera stable if you are shooting with one hand and, while it may look like a film advance lever from an older 35mm camera, its sole purpose is stability and comfort and, toward that end, it offers solid brass construction and silicone rubber insert.

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