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Audio Networking in Your Home Studio

Audio Networking in Your Home Studio

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When I set out to redesign my home studio from scratch, I knew I wanted to build something completely different than my old-school Black Lion Audio Mod Digidesign 002 based setup. My music production workflow had changed quite a bit from when I bought the 002, having evolved from a more hardware-based process to one that’s largely software based, with a bit of live instrumentation and outboard gear in the mix. Taking that into consideration, I also wanted this new setup to allow for ways of collaborating with other musicians and producers that weren’t so easy to do in the past, like synchronizing multiple computer-based production setups, each with its own instruments and sequencing capabilities, and recording large numbers of tracks from each system, simultaneously. Luckily, this was all very feasible, thanks to networked audio, which is much less daunting to put together than you might think.

Three Production Stations

I’ll cut right to the chase. It involves three computers, each running Ableton Live, synched via Ableton Link— which is Live’s more-or-less plug ’n’ play synchronization feature that relies on Wi-Fi to keep each system locked and in time with each other. I knew that Ableton would be the basis of the system, largely for the convenience of this feature. Also, the other producers that I work with are familiar with Ableton; plus, it allows for other DAWs and production tools to run within it, such as Reason or FL Studio, if anyone feels so inclined.

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