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Best Accessories for Photographers Who Want to Shoot Video

Best Accessories for Photographers Who Want to Shoot Video

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Considering the amount of video content now consumed daily by most people, it’s becoming harder and harder for photographers to isolate themselves fully from video. It’s an asset, and practically every DSLR and mirrorless camera made in the past five years not only has video recording but has near-cinema-quality video.

Whether you are learning video for work, want to use your best camera for family videos, or perhaps just want to gain a following online, there are some good tools you should acquire.

For Better Audio: Microphone

One thing photographers have never had to deal with is audio. It just isn’t a part of snapping stills. You’ll quickly learn it is just as important as the imagery. A video with terrible sound is just as painful to watch as a video that is completely out of focus. Luckily, good technique and a new microphone can alleviate many of these basic concerns without much expense or effort.

A compact, camera-mounted shotgun mic will perform infinitely better than the microphones built into your camera. Perhaps the standard is from RØDE, and one of its best is the VideoMic NTG. It slips into a DSLR or mirrorless camera’s hot shoe, plugs into a 3.5mm input, and basically you are ready to go. Being a shotgun mic means it’s more directional than in-camera mics, helping to minimize off-axis sound and focus in on whatever is in front of the camera.

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