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Choosing the Best HP Printer for Your Home Office

Choosing the Best HP Printer for Your Home Office

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Despite everything functioning in a digital world, there’s still something to be said for having hard, printed copies of important documents. Especially in the workplace, sometimes a printed form, document, photograph, letter, invoice, and so on is just what you need. And, with the workplace now shifting to home for many of us, having a printer at home is one of those necessities for making your at-home work space that much more of an efficient and productive place for real work. HP, one of B&H's most prolific printer producers, offers the perfect place to look when deciding on a printer for your home office, with a vast range that includes laser and inkjet options.

Before delving into specific options, it’s important to decide the type of printer you want first: laser or inkjet? Without going into the specifics too much, there are a few key points to remember to help make a decision: How much/how often do you expect to print? Will you be printing mainly documents and forms or photos and graphics? Typically, inkjet printers are smaller and more affordable from the get-go, but ink cartridges tend to offer fewer total prints than comparable toner cartridges used in laser printers; if you’re going to be an irregular printer, go with inkjet. If you’ll be doing more substantial and regular high-volume print jobs, then laser is your best bet. However, if you’re looking to print some photos and graphics along with your documents, then inkjet is undeniably the way to go for image quality. You’ll also want to consider color versus monochrome (black) printers; speed, where laser printers tend to be the faster option; and the type of options you want, ranging from all-in-one designs to auto duplexing and so on.

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