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Choosing a Run-and-Gun Cinema Camera on a Budget

Choosing a Run-and-Gun Cinema Camera on a Budget

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Heading out to shoot video on the run for an e-magazine, streaming site, documentary, or narrative film, and your HD camcorder doesn’t have the professional look and utility that you need? It is probably time for a professional mobile setup with cinema-quality features. Though you may imagine a bit of sticker shock, not to worry, because digital cinema cameras are much more affordable now and most offer 4K quality video with high-resolution color and recording formats.

Digital Cinema Cameras

What makes a professional cinema camera a “cinema camera,” especially one suitable for run-and-gun productions? A few important points when looking for a quality digital cinema camera include:

  • Choice of cinema lenses for soft bokeh and compatible with cinema gear and filters
  • Large sensor such as Super35/APS-C or Full Frame
  • Resolutions of 4K/2K and higher
  • Log and LUT support for applying color grading in post production
  • Fast media support
  • Wide 13-16 stop dynamic range to pick up high detail in low light and bright settings
  • Wide-range ISO settings with little to no image noise
  • Support for 10-bit color depth so colors remain accurate when video is compressed
  • Timecode support

A good run-and-gun cinema camera needs some specific qualities as well:

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