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Finding Gifts to Look and Sound Great on Zoom

Finding Gifts to Look and Sound Great on Zoom

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If you’ve gotten this far without having to use Zoom, Teams, Facebook, Skype, or another video conferencing platform, you are one of the few these days. But if you have been using the popular video conferencing platform (or one of them) for meetings, performances, or education, how good do you feel about your presentation? Are you happy with your look online, or do you feel the webcam is not representing how you really want to present yourself? Can the other participants hear you clearly? Let’s go over a few ways you can improve the look and sound of your video streams and find the right equipment and gifts for your friends, family, and colleagues.

Communicating Loud and Clear

Video may be the most important part of your Zoom calls if you are using primarily sign language to communicate, but if you are only using spoken communication, it’s the audio. If your participants can see you but not hear you, it won’t be too great a call. The microphone you use is an important part of a video conference, and it also should match the size of the room, as well as your distance from the camera. Your computer’s or smartphone’s microphone can pick up decent audio, but even using your earbud or headphone mic will sound like you’re talking on the phone, lacking deep vocal tones that sound professional. For optimal sound quality, a separate microphone will help you deliver that clarity.

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