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Hands-On Review: Oculus Quest 2

Hands-On Review: Oculus Quest 2

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Recently, I was asked how the Oculus Quest 2 compares to the original. My answer was fairly straightforward: It’s better. Pressed for specifics on how and in what ways was it better, my reply was equally succinct: In every way.

For anyone who’s familiar with the original Oculus Quest, hearing that its successor, the Oculus Quest 2, is superior in every way is noteworthy. After all, the Oculus Quest was both wildly popular and a major step forward for virtual reality (VR), a point we covered at length in our hands-on review.

Back then, we described the Oculus Quest as a transformative experience, one that could bring powerful, immersive, and affordable VR to the masses. The Oculus Quest 2 achieves that same transformative experience, only it does it better, with improved hardware, a bolstered ecosystem, and more promising future. Here’s my review.

Oculus Quest 2
Oculus Quest 2


One of the reasons the original Oculus Quest was so successful was its wireless design. Before the Oculus Quest, you couldn’t get high-quality VR without a tethered headset. You had to be hooked up to a computer via a connection cable. The Oculus Quest changed that and, in doing so, changed the game.

The design of the Oculus Quest 2 follows that same footpath, only it does so with more style and comfort. For starters, it’s more aesthetically pleasing. Gone is the all-black, sci-fi chic color tone. In its place is a uniform white body with a black foam mask underneath that’s nicer to look at. The hand controllers, too, are also now all white.

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