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How to Expose for Snow Properly

How to Expose for Snow Properly

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Have you ever tried to take a photograph of a snowy scene and later realized that your shot was underexposed, maybe with an overwhelming orange or blue hue, or just lacking a certain "something?" Frustratingly, and surprisingly, snow can be one of the trickiest environments in which to make a correct exposure. But, with a few tricks and techniques in mind, hopefully you'll be able to make easy work of these trying conditions.

It All Begins with the Light Meter

The culprit behind these wrong exposures is likely your light meter; but this light meter is also the solution to finding the correct exposure for snow. In simple terms, all light meters, whether they are in your camera or handheld meters, are designed to read what's called 18% gray, or medium gray. Anything you meter—that is, point your light meter at—will return you with the information that will expose that subject so it is rendered as medium gray. For most subjects, this is fine; green trees, yellow fields, and gray asphalt—they're all medium tones and will look relatively fine if exposed as a gray subject. But then consider that your meter is going to do the same if you're photographing something pitch black or, in the case of snow, stark white. Your light meter is telling you the correct exposure for the snow in order to render it as a medium gray, not a bright white.

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