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Immersive, Cine-Style Capture with Canon for Your House of Worship

Immersive, Cine-Style Capture with Canon for Your House of Worship

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No matter what your faith, today’s worship isn’t limited to rote liturgical responses—it’s about personal connections between you and a higher power and among fellow believers. Sharing that passion shouldn’t be limited to using static, fixed camera positions for your broadcasts, social media, website, or in-house displays. See how Canon’s array of digital cinema cameras can help you dynamically capture not just traditional house-of-worship services, but also field missions, special events, lectures, and interviews.

Cinema versus Broadcast Style

How is cine-style capture different from traditional house-of-worship broadcasting? Typical broadcasts of arena-size services usually involve stationary cameras using long lenses operated by professional camera people, while smaller locations employ several wall-mounted PTZ (pan/tilt/zoom) cameras. Think of baseball game coverage or a set of office security cameras monitored by a single operator, respectively. Cinema-style capture, on the other hand, offers an immersive, documentary-like look that brings a real feeling of being there to your viewers.

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Freedom of Movement

Cine-style video capture frees your viewpoint from heavier broadcast camera restraints. Canon cinema cameras feature smaller forms than many broadcast cameras, enabling you to pick up and go, adjusting to how the service is evolving. This mobility enables even volunteer operators to get close enough to capture congregants’ emotions, with no need to rely on a pro’s skill in focusing super-long lenses from across a large space.

Easy mobility also suits the Canon cine camera line to gimbal and stabilizer use for following your congregants in the field—literally perhaps on rural missions, in urban areas, or wherever you go.

You can also dedicate a smaller Canon camera for jib use for covering large areas or assign a single camera to cover an ASL interpreter for live services.

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