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The Rhyme and Reason Behind Canon Cine Lenses

The Rhyme and Reason Behind Canon Cine Lenses

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Although the Canon Cine lens selection is just a small part of Canon’s overall lens lineup, these lenses deliver significant advantages for those who work in the cine side of things. Whether you are working with Canon’s Cine EOS line of cameras, a high-end digital cine camera, or even cameras such as Canon’s C70, The Cine EOS line of lenses has something to offer.

The Basics

First, let’s go over the basics of cinema-style lenses, to point out why they are made the way they are, and how that helps you shoot your best.


Prime lenses, or fixed focal length lenses, are a staple of the industry and, with the increase of digital production, Canon created its Cine Primes to bring its extraordinary glass in a form suited to working productions in the cine field. Hallmarks of cine glass maintain a consistent front diameter for easy matte-box compatibility and T-stop across each lens lineup, although at the extreme ends of the focal length spectrum, this may not be possible; however, Canon has striven for consistency from lens to lens.

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