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Tips For Purchasing Your Next Camera Bag

Tips For Purchasing Your Next Camera Bag

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Something I never tire of when passing through the B&H SuperStore, in midtown Manhattan, is perusing the umpteen aisles of camera bags. At last count, I own about 10 or 12 bags of various styles and sizes, and I use all of them over the course of the year. Why so many bags? Mostly because my camera and lens choices vary from assignment to assignment. In the case of personal assignments and day trips, I usually choose a bag that fits my mood and/or gear choices. I do own an elegant “fancy-pants” shoulder bag I take out for special occasions but, more commonly, I defer to one of my older (read: “rattier”) bags, to avoid unwanted attention.

Whether you are purchasing your first camera bag or upgrading to a new one, there is a set of questions you have to ask yourself to ensure you are choosing the best bag, case, or backpack for your particular needs.

Camera bags are personal. You either like the bag or you don’t like the bag. In addition to liking the bag, maybe even more important than your animal attraction to the bag is the functionality of the bag. Fumbling your way past three layers of straps, buckles, and flaps to get to your camera is the last thing you want to be doing when action calls.

Write Down a Want / Need List

A good starting point if you already own a camera bag is to write down what you like and do not like about your current bag. What would you add, change, or eliminate from your current bag? Do you need more pockets? If so, larger pockets? Wider pockets? What about flaps and weather protection? I once owned a messenger-style bag that was perfect except for one thing: the corner openings of the bag’s top flap did a horrible job of preventing rain, snow, and sand from blowing in from the sides.

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