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Top 5 Lighting Gifts for the Photographer

Top 5 Lighting Gifts for the Photographer

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The holiday season is a time for lights, but it can also be a time to delve into lighting as a tool, especially if you’re a photographer. Photography is all about light, and knowing how to use it, shape it, and control it gives you that much more command over your photo practice. Especially during wintertime, when the days are shorter, it’s the perfect time to hone your lighting skills or help out a budding photographer you know with these lighting gifts.

1. The Intro 2-Light Kit

The introductory lighting kit is a lot like buying a camera and a lens together; it’s great because it includes everything you need to get going immediately and gives you a strong foundation to learn from and later build on. I’d also recommend choosing monolights for the first strobe-lighting kit, because they give you an ideal mixture of power, control, and convenience compared to starting right away with pack strobes or speedlights.

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