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Which JOBY GorillaPod is Best for You?

Which JOBY GorillaPod is Best for You?

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Product Description

How many times have you looked at something and said, “Why didn’t I think of that?” That’s exactly what I said the first time I saw a miniature tripod made by JOBY. They’re brilliant, they perform as advertised, and they’re as popular among shooters as ice pops on a hot summer day.

Designed to handle a range of weight loads and available in a variety of configurations, from JOBY’s ever-popular GorillaPod Tripod, to Action Cam and 360 Video Mounts, Smartphone Tripods and Mounts, Tablet Mounts, and Vlogging Rigs, what makes JOBY’s support system so unique is that unlike the rigid, stalk-like legs of traditional tripods, most JOBY supports have flexible legs that can be bent and wrapped around poles, fences, goalposts, bike handles, and other places that would be challenging, if not downright impossible, to securely mount a camera otherwise.

JOBY GorillaPods

The idea behind GorillaPod tripods was to create a table tripod that could support a small to medium-size camera while remaining affordable, simple, lightweight, and easy to stow away, regardless of how full your camera bag might be. And yes—they should also be stylish. In the case of GorillaPods, they’ve knocked the ball clear out of the park on all counts, as JOBY continues to evolve the brand to this very day.

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