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10 Common Lighting Mistakes and How to Fix Them

10 Common Lighting Mistakes and How to Fix Them

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Mastering studio lighting can feel like a Herculean feat when you’re just getting started. Like any aspect of photography, it requires patience, practice, and plenty of mistakes before it comes naturally. In an effort to shorten your learning curve, we’ve rounded up 10 common issues that beginners encounter and how to fix them.

Technical Issues

Lighting setups can be as simple or complicated as your heart desires—or your shot requires. However, before you can begin to think about how to use your lights creatively, you need to understand how they work on a technical level.

1. Exceeding the Maximum Flash Sync Shutter Speed

You are trying out your new strobe and everything is going smoothly. You check your images mid-shoot and are horrified to discover a black line at the bottom or the side of every photo. What happened? Is your sensor broken? Is something obstructing your lens? Is there a ghost in the room? Among the most common, and often alarming, mistakes novices make when using strobes is exceeding the maximum flash sync speed of their camera. Doing so can result in shadows from your camera’s shutter curtains disrupting your image. This is easily fixed by checking your camera’s manual to see what its max sync speed is and making sure to stay at or under it.

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