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10 Last-Minute Gifts for Filmmakers

10 Last-Minute Gifts for Filmmakers

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Shopping for a filmmaker can be difficult. Equipment tends to be so specific and personal, that getting the right piece of gear to go with what they already have can make anyone frustrated with the holidays—but not to worry! The list below contains suggestions that will suit the needs, and even the fantasies, of pretty much anyone in the filmmaking field, no matter what their role or how long they've been working. So, if you are buying for someone else, or yourself, here are 10 last-minute gifts that would be ideal for filmmakers.

1. Slates

Slates are a thoughtful gift for filmmakers. A slate has multiple purposes, from keeping shots organized on set and as a quick handheld lens cutter protecting the lens from flares, to confirming the metadata in edit and providing a guaranteed sync point for your audio. Plus, "banging the sticks" on set lets everyone know that the camera is rolling, and to settle down. This Elvid 9-Section Slate makes a fine gift. The slate is translucent, which makes it ideal for use either front or backlit. The face of the slate has fields for entering pertinent information, with paint-filled engraved markings that won't rub off over time. And the back of the slate is left clean, providing a handy surface for writing messages to the editor.

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