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10 Things to Do First with Your New Camera

10 Things to Do First with Your New Camera

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Congratulations on getting a new camera, and welcome to the world of photography! You are going to love it. Before you go out shooting, take a look at these 10 things you should do first with your brand-new camera.

1. Charge the Battery

Being fresh out of the box, your camera’s battery is unlikely to be fully charged. Plus, manufacturers usually recommend a full charge cycle before you go out shooting for the first time. So, throw it on the charger and fill 'er up!

Also, we highly recommend having a second battery on hand because, with electronic cameras, a dead battery means no photos.

2. Read the Manual/Quick Start Guide

Always read the manual. Just do it. Or at least go through the quick start guide bundled with your camera. These days your camera probably doesn’t come with a thick printed manual and refers you instead to a PDF version available online. Even if you are an experienced shooter, your new camera likely has some quirks and hidden functions you might not otherwise be aware of. I leave the paper manual at home but save the PDF copy on my phone in case I need to reference it in the field.

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