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8 Tips for Improving Framing and Depth in Your Landscape Photographs

8 Tips for Improving Framing and Depth in Your Landscape Photographs

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Raise your hand if you, like me, have arrived at a scenic vista and, standing next to the brown sign with a camera on it, have stood exactly where we were supposed to, raised our cameras to eye height, looked though the viewfinder, and taken the perfect postcard shot. While there is nothing wrong with that approach to landscape photography, there are a few techniques that you can employ to give your photographs a bit more visual appeal and, more importantly, make them stand apart from the image(s) you might have remembered when I asked you to remember your postcard captures. Here we will discuss some techniques for improving composition when framing and using foreground objects to help increase the depth of your landscape photographs.


My previous article on framing started by saying that every act of creating a photograph involves framing. The photographer employs the camera and lens to capture a certain segment of a scene—a segment that ranges from the all-encompassing 360┬║ spherical capture to the soda-straw view of an extreme telephoto lens. Every time you release the shutter, you are creating framing. You are deciding what to include and exclude in the frame.

Stepping away from the viewfinder, we find a world full of frames—naturally occurring and artificial. The photographer who sees these frames can employ them to their compositional advantage when capturing landscape images.

The successful use of framing elements, regardless of what they are, can help in emphasizing the subject of the image and/or enriching the composition. These elements can be used to bracket one or both sides of the image or provide a virtual floor or ceiling for the photograph.

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