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Best Camera Accessories for Beginners

Best Camera Accessories for Beginners

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If you’ve just ordered your first camera system, now you may be wondering what else you need to get started. Deciding which accessories to buy when you’re first beginning in photography can be a bit of a challenge to the uninitiated. Some accessories, like lens wipes for instance, are universal, but other types of accessories to consider may vary quite a bit depending on the kinds of photos you’re interested in making, and where you plan on shooting them. To complicate things further, there are hundreds upon hundreds of brands to choose from. So, if you’re a beginner who’s brand new to shopping for camera accessories, here’s a gentle nudge in the right direction.

Cleaning Accessories

Speaking of lens wipes, keeping your glass free of dust, lint, and smudges on the front and rear elements is key for most all photographers, for obvious reasons. The trusty ZEISS Lens Care Kit is a timeless classic that many photographers have bought hundreds and hundreds of times over the course of their careers. It comes with a two-ounce bottle of lens-cleaning spray and a microfiber cloth that’s safe for any lens. For quick, one use wipe-downs in the field, you can’t go wrong with the ZEISS Lens Wipes (60-Pack), which are ammonia-free and can also be used to clean your camera’s LCD screen, as well as the viewfinder. If you’re gift shopping for a new photographer in your life, check out the Sensei DOC-CK Deluxe Optics Care and Cleaning Kit, which comes with a microfiber cloth, a lens pen for removing smudges and fingerprints, as well as a brush and a blower for removing dust.

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