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Best On-Camera Monitors for All Budgets

Best On-Camera Monitors for All Budgets

B&H explora - All posts
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Below we’ve compiled the most popular on-camera monitors at B&H for all budgets, many of them with dozens of detailed customer reviews on our website that you may find useful. The majority are from just several brands. Most of the brands, such as Elvid and FeelWorld, have a focus on affordable offerings. Two on the list, Atomos and SmallHD, provide a range from affordable to high end. Blackmagic Design is also highlighted, having recently joined the on-camera monitor space with a range of recording monitors.

With the main reasons for the cost differences being in features such as signal support, connector types, and software functions, the following bulleted list shows the common features to consider when deciding on a new monitor. For a more in-depth discussion on some of the most important of these features, check out the article, Choosing an On-Camera Monitor, and to learn more about how software functions work, such as focus assist, check out this 30-minute video: Camera Monitor Tools.

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