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Choosing an LED for Photo: Point-Source or Light Panel?

Choosing an LED for Photo: Point-Source or Light Panel?

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LEDs have become an increasingly popular lighting choice for creators who work in both photo and video. Continuous, portable, and loaded with features, LEDs are some of the most versatile lighting options on the market. Unlike other continuous sources, which often require generators to work on location, most new LEDs feature the option of battery power so you can take them virtually anywhere you go. Couple that with their comparably light weight and you have an excellent location light whether you are working in a reception hall or out in the woods. They come daylight or tungsten balanced to match conventional lighting environments—or as customizable bi-colors to match ambient light or produce creative effects without needing gels. Many also include the ability to produce special effect lighting conditions. Cooler and less demanding in terms of power consumption, it is no surprise that LEDs have risen to prominence among hybrid creators.

Both point-source and panel LEDs benefit from the freedom of battery power.

While LEDs adopt many forms, most models build off of either a point-source or light panel design. Either can be useful for creators; choosing between the two will come down to what exactly you need your light to be able to do. This article weighs the pros and cons of point-source and panel LED lights for photo and video creators.

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