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Getting Good Skin Tones in Camera, without Raw Editing

Getting Good Skin Tones in Camera, without Raw Editing

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Achieving accurate skin tones in photography can be a life’s journey. Even the most dedicated and technically proficient portrait photographer spends significant time lighting for skin tone and then adjusting the raw images in post-production to get the look they are after. While there is no substitute for accurate lighting or digging into a raw file to make those adjustments, most photographers do not have the skill set or even the time to dedicate to such a workflow. However, there are ways to improve skin tone imaging “in-camera,” using the basic controls that most contemporary cameras, even point-and-shoots, offer.

Raw Format

For starters, and without going into too much detail, it’s necessary to understand that the purpose of raw image formats is to save data obtained from the sensor, with minimum loss of information. A raw file is not a rendering of an image that provides verisimilitude or even exacting colors. The raw file is converted, either manually or automatically, to become an image file that we can see as a “color-accurate” image. For example, when we take a photo in raw and see it on our camera’s LCD screen, the camera itself has automatically converted that raw file to a viewable file. Ideally, when a photographer shoots a raw file, they will then open that file in an image editing software system and tweak its colors and contrasts to create the preferred tones.

Again, this can be a time-heavy process, and most photographers want the “final” image directly from camera; they do not want to manipulate the file for better results. Fortunately, there are ways to adjust color settings “in-camera” and produce a JPEG file that offers an accurate skin tone.

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